“First of all I would like to thank the Almighty for which our flag is replaced. Our patriots came forward with a victory after staying in the bush for five years. Secondly, any human being may receive great pleasure when he or she joins with his or her native birth place. With the grace of the Almighty I was eager to see my native birth place of Wollo. I am very happy as I am with her after 31 years. Next, I am very grateful for the people who received me with great pleasure. All of you know that this naturally gifted, green country, unlike all other African countries, has never been under colony and has only been ruled by its own kings. After many trials Italy made propaganda warfare since she couldn’t manipulate our people. Through this campaign Italy tried to dismiss our unity and divide our people. After this Italy occupied our country, which has never been touched by an enemy, it oppressed our people. Is there anybody who did not miss their relative during the war? Some of our citizens were killed by bombs, weapons or machine gun. The Almighty made it possible for Ethiopia to defeat her enemy quickly. We, the citizens and children, feel proud when we see our country freed from any aggression and we are very thankful unto the Almighty. Ethiopian people have learned a good lesson from the past experience which enables us to cooperate as on mother’s children love one another. This experience forced every Ethiopian to struggle for their country’s independence and sovereignty. People without the right leader are victims, as this was seen during the five years of aggression. Indeed our people did not hate native rulers as long as they kept the language, custom and tradition of the people. But the Italians tried to rule in a subtle way. During the aggression, even though the enemy killed our people, patriots went to the bush and some went abroad in exile. This situation surprised the world. My ladies and gentlemen of Wollo, our country has been free for 3000 years. With the fierce struggle of our children and the help of England, we freed our country from Italy. So in the future we have to love our country, our flag and our King for our common motherland of Ethiopia. We must be one and united. The crown prince is selected and has come up from you. Our beloved son Prince Married Azmach Asfaw Wosen is with you. Even though we were physically separated for 31 years it is impossible to say I was living alienated from you, for I as with you spiritually. Our beloved son is your governor. You may service him loyally and kindly, and on the other hand he may share your problems and help you. He may administer you with good justice. Please, give him advice and assist him at any time. Let the Almighty keep our country fertile and allow our flag to continue flying.”

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Intege Menen Asfaw

Posted by Ihite Selamawit Tafari