“H.I.M. King of Kings knew that there is nothing better for the advancement of a country’s progress and development than education. In this regard, H.I.M. built many schools for boys. But if girls are left behind without receiving a regular education, they may have a great disadvantage. That is why I opened this school for the merit of girls 25 years ago, because I knew girls should learn as boys do. This school was temporarily closed during the invasion of Ethiopia by the enemy, but by the grace of the almighty the school resumed its functions after the victory. Many girls have had the opportunity to receive a higher education after graduation from this school, and many of them are now working in government offices and private organizations. If my country’s girls have the opportunity to receive a standard education, I know they can offer much, which is expected from them as well as their brothers. Twenty-five years ago when this school opened there was no more than 50 students. Today, there are over 1300. This number keeps increasing because girls are aware of the advantages of receiving an education. I am very pleased to see this progress. I give thanks to the Almighty, for whom this 25th anniversary of Empress Menen School is celebrated, and I give thanks to the director and lady teachers between whom the problems and progress of this school are shared.”

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Intege Menen Asfaw


Posted by Ihit Selamawit Tafari